Eldon Davey

Certified Pedorthist

Eldon has worked extensively with sports medicine, and patients with diabetes and arthritis. Starting his career in 1985, Eldon worked with the Forzani Group as a pedorthist, eventually branching out to become the owner/operator of Lindsday Park Orthotics in Calgary (now LifeMark). In addition, Eldon gained valuable experience with the difficult foot, diabetic foot, and chronic pain conditions while working with the Calgary Foot Clinic.

He also worked at the Stanton hospital in Yellowknife for 18 years. This program was recognized by the Diabetes Association of Canada for their work. Eldon was chair for the social media committee and is a former director of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.

Eldon was previously on the investigation committee for the Canadian College of Pedorthics. He enjoys following his passion for music and plays locally as a bassist and singer.

Eldon Davey is a pedorthist working with orthotics in Calgary